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Investors Have Forgotten About Risk; Here's the Quick Tutorial

On the second punishing day of the violent February sell-off, Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, joined BNN Market Call to discuss renewed market risks and what to do (or not to do) when the market consolidates. This bull market is long in the tooth, meaning it's time for investors to mind their risk and move towards tactical allocation strategies.

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You Thought Bonds Were Safe? WRONG!

Is it possible for a portfolio of "safe" government bonds to fall nearly 20% in just 4 months? Absolutely. It happened during the "Taper Tantrum" of 2013 and it could happen again in 2018 as the Fed raises interest rates and tightens policy. Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, joins BNN Market Call to discuss this and other risks in 2018, how a tactical investment strategy can help and take questions on U.S. equities.

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: What to Expect in 2018

After a stellar 2017, the year ahead looks less predictable with the bull market facing rising interest rates and shrinking policy accommodation. Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, joins BNN Market Call to highlight how success in 2018 may require tactical portfolio repositioning. If synchronized global growth and a strong first half finally force central banks to accelerate policy tightening, rising rates could ruin the party for both stocks and bonds.

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How Long Can a Bull Market Last? Here's What to Watch.

This being the second longest bull market in history, everyone is asking how much longer it can run. Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, reviews key indicators to watch in assessing how close the end might be. Underpinning the investment process behind the firm's Global Tactical Allocation ETF (ticker: ETAC), effective capital preservation and knowing when to get cautious is key to stable long-term returns.

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Is That The Best Your ETF Can Do?

"What has your ETF done for you lately?" asks Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, on BNN's The Street. With fees on passive strategies compressed virtually to zero, Cameron discusses what's next in the evolution of ETFs and why price isn’t the only factor investors should be focused on. Equium Capital launched ETAC to address the critical investor needs of capital preservation and dynamic asset allocation that passive ETFs miss.

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