Equium Capital


Combining the best elements of traditional and alternative investing.


Equium Capital is a boutique investment management firm specializing in global, multi-asset investment solutions.

Combining the best elements of traditional and alternative investing, Equium managers bring a reliably conservative diligence and best-practices approach to every portfolio and fund they manage. The primary goal of our business is to generate high-quality investment returns that better preserve capital and grow wealth over time.


Global Tactical Allocation Strategy

Combining global macro strategy and tactical portfolio positioning with the best elements of traditional asset management, Equium Capital offers a unique multi-asset investment strategy with global diversification. This core strategy focuses on growing wealth over time with enhanced downside protection in weak markets.

Real Estate Private Equity Strategy

With its hallmark conservatism, Equium Capital brings institutional private equity funds to individuals and family offices. Partnering with premiere real estate developers to identify unique opportunities across North America, Equium Capital manages private equity funds that focus exclusively on real estate development. The funds are available to accredited investors only and target superior investment returns with a 3 – 5 year horizon.

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