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Combining the best elements of traditional and alternative investing.


Equium Capital is a boutique investment management firm focused on global, multi-asset portfolio solutions.

Combining the best elements of traditional and alternative investing, Equium managers minimize risk by allocating capital only when and where they find compelling risk-return opportunities.  The primary goal of our business is to generate high-quality investment returns that preserve capital and grow wealth over time.


The needs of today's
investor front of mind

At Equium Capital, we believe that our success is an outcome of delivering positive results for clients while maintaining open and constructive relationships with all of our partners and stakeholders. We view these principles as integral to both long-term value creation for our investors as well as the success and longevity of our firm.

Technical analysis meets
fundamental research

The investment process behind Equium Capital’s consistent returns represents the accumulation and refinement of the founders’ extensive experience around the globe. Owing to the increasingly volatile and interconnected nature of global markets, we rely on a combination of top-down technical analysis and bottom-up fundamental research in order to best protect and grow wealth through the cycle.

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