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Scaling the Earnings Peak - May Investment Commentary

Q1 left investors scratching their heads as significant earnings upside was met with disappointing price action. Adam Murl, Head of Research, discusses why many of the popular concerns are unwarranted and why we don’t believe earnings have peaked. Also, we turned tactically positive on Energy owing to a technical breakout and the oil supply-demand imbalance tightening more than expected due to strong demand, challenges in Venezuela and increasingly hawkish U.S.-Iran policy.

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Is This as Good as It Gets?

Is the stock market exhausted? Do horrible stock reactions to fantastic corporate earnings reports mean investors should be selling? Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, offers some perspective on recent volatility and what areas of the market remain attractive as we work though this period of consolidation.

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Surviving Volatility 101: Process is King

To survive market volatility, investors must have an unemotional process to get out of harm's way in periods of weakness while also calmly buying back in when it feels like the sky is falling.  Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, discusses reasons to expect higher equity prices in the foreseeable future and signs to watch for knowing when to step back in.

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Process At Work - April Investment Commentary

After an optimistic start, markets were dealt a healthy dose of reality in February; volatility spiked and excessive optimism evaporated. Adam Murl, Head of Research, explains how our tactical process effectively managed through the negativity while remaining focused on bullish medium-term fundamentals. Although some signs of stress remain, our dual technical and fundamental investment process had us tactically adding new risk exposures in early April ahead of a robust corporate earnings season.

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Trade Wars Are (Not) Good - March Investment Commentary

While there are clearly problems with the global trade regime, blanket tariffs are not the answer. Adam Murl, Head of Research, discusses why no one wins trade wars and why the mooted U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs particularly miss their mark. Cooler heads should to prevail, but history keeps us cautious. By the way, even with European data strong and political hurdles in Germany and Italy largely cleared, signs of deterioration are showing. Be selective.

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Your Favourite Stock is 10% Cheaper. Do You Buy This Dip?

Everyone is a great investor in rising markets, but sooner or later you have to be able to manage risk. Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, discusses the critical aspects of evaluating market pull-backs and whether they are buying opportunities or canaries in the coal mine. Taking questions on BNN Market Call, Cameron highlights how knowing the difference can save years of investing profits.

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Cameron Hurst
V is for Volatility - February Investment Commentary

Amid a record acceleration in stock volatility, U.S. equities experienced more than a 12% decline from their January top. Adam Murl, Head of Research, explores the key market signals to watch over coming weeks, having called the exit on Energy perfectly. And President Trump must be bored in the West Wing because he flew all the way to Davos to start a currency cold war. 

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Globe & Mail: Equium Capital Weathers the Storm

The Globe & Mail published a timely review of Equium Capital’s risk-focused investment process on February 5th, 2018, in which the benefits of the firm’s tactical allocation strategy featured prominently. The interview highlighted how Equium’s conservative process repositioned the fund to be more defensive just days before a historic spike in volatility and global stock market rout.

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