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Taking Stock of 2017 & Key Investor Questions for 2018

After another year of bull markets, Adam Murl, Head of Research, takes a look at what did and didn’t work in 2017. Although investor sentiment is running hot, a strong case can still be made for risk assets moving higher early in 2018. Several critical questions will challenge investors as the year progresses, however, and the answers will determine the longevity of the global economic cycle and sustainability of the bull market.

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: What to Expect in 2018

After a stellar 2017, the year ahead looks less predictable with the bull market facing rising interest rates and shrinking policy accommodation. Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, joins BNN Market Call to highlight how success in 2018 may require tactical portfolio repositioning. If synchronized global growth and a strong first half finally force central banks to accelerate policy tightening, rising rates could ruin the party for both stocks and bonds.

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How Long Can a Bull Market Last? Here's What to Watch.

This being the second longest bull market in history, everyone is asking how much longer it can run. Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, reviews key indicators to watch in assessing how close the end might be. Underpinning the investment process behind the firm's Global Tactical Allocation ETF (ticker: ETAC), effective capital preservation and knowing when to get cautious is key to stable long-term returns.

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Equium Capital Investment Commentary - December 2017

Will the Fed kill the party with higher interest rates as we enter the next phase of the cycle? Adam Murl, Head of Research, discusses why rising capital investment could provide the productivity growth we’ve been missing and leave room for the Fed to raise rates without causing a recession. Don't expect this transition to happen quietly, however; volatility is likely to pick up as the market adjusts to this new reality, creating clear winners and losers.

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Is That The Best Your ETF Can Do?

"What has your ETF done for you lately?" asks Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, on BNN's The Street. With fees on passive strategies compressed virtually to zero, Cameron discusses what's next in the evolution of ETFs and why price isn’t the only factor investors should be focused on. Equium Capital launched ETAC to address the critical investor needs of capital preservation and dynamic asset allocation that passive ETFs miss.

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Equium Capital Investment Commentary - November 2017

Central banks spent trillions of dollars in an attempt to create inflation but to the surprise of many, pricing pressures remained subdued. Adam Murl, Head of Research, discusses why we might finally be seeing signs of an uptick as commodity prices pop and manufacturing utilization around the world tightens. Accordingly, portfolios have shifted towards Materials and Energy and away from interest rate sensitive sectors.

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Equium Capital Announces New ETF (TSX: ETAC)

Equium Capital Management Inc. is pleased to announce the listing of a new ETF series of the Equium Global Tactical Allocation Fund on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Trading under the ticker symbol ETAC, shares of the Fund will be available for purchase at market open on Monday November 6, 2017.

Please visit www.equiumcapital.com for information about Equium Capital and the Global Tactical Allocation Fund.

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Equium Capital Investment Commentary - Third Quarter 2017

We’ve been negative on oil... until now. Find out why Adam Murl, Head of Research, finally sees the price of black gold firming and what could drive it even higher. Solid economic data out of the U.K. has Brexit advocates claiming victory, but looking through the numbers has us increasingly concerned. We wrap with our quarterly review and favourable outlook for the final stretch of 2017.

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