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Liquidity is a Ticking Time Bomb

10 years ago, central banks the world over launched unprecedented stimulus programs to flood global capital markets with excess cash, i.e. liquidity, to stave off a second Great Depression. But now, with the global economy again self-sustaining, policy makers are dialing back the stimulus and reining in excess liquidity that's propelled asset prices to their lofty valuations. Cameron Hurst, CIO, joined BNN Bloomberg to discuss how this super-cycle could come to an end and what sign posts to watch for.

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Higher Rates Mean Lower Bonds, But Equities Can Still Work

Markets digested significant economic and policy developments during the recent consolidation, yet remain on track to make new highs. Cameron Hurst, Chief Investment Officer, joined BNN Bloomberg to discuss credit indicators and why stocks can keep rising, even as bonds rack up losses. Be selective, aware that we're near the end of the cycle, but don't "sell in May and go away."

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Consumer Staples and Past Hiding Places No Longer Safe

With increased volatility and weak equities defining markets in 2018, investors instinctively reverted to the "muscle memory" of what used to be safe. Unfortunately, Consumer Staples is in fact the worst performing sector YTD with previously "safe" groups like tobacco down -23%. Cameron Hurst, CIO, joined BNN Bloomberg to discuss how & where to invest in today's challenging environment.

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Podcast: Value vs. Momentum Investment Strategies

CapIntel sat down with Cameron Hurst, CIO, and Adam Murl, Head of Research, to discuss value and momentum investment strategies. Equium Capital's investment process employs aspects of both, making the discussion a good review of why it's critical to use more than one lens in today's complex market environment. The podcast is more than just a "quick recap", instead offering a detailed and sometimes technical overview.

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Scaling the Earnings Peak - May Investment Commentary

Q1 left investors scratching their heads as significant earnings upside was met with disappointing price action. Adam Murl, Head of Research, discusses why many of the popular concerns are unwarranted and why we don’t believe earnings have peaked. Also, we turned tactically positive on Energy owing to a technical breakout and the oil supply-demand imbalance tightening more than expected due to strong demand, challenges in Venezuela and increasingly hawkish U.S.-Iran policy.

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