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Equium Capital Investment Commentary - June 2017

After years of Central Bank largesse the Federal Reserve started laying out plans to shrink its $4.5T balance sheet. Adam Murl, Head of Research, discusses why investors should be wary of the potential impact on liquidity and asset prices, in spite of market ambivalence. Additionally, there may be too much negativity on the Canadian dollar, opening the door for a short-term recovery.

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Equium Capital Investment Commentary - May 2017

As policy headlines create significant volatility, Adam Murl, Head of Research, discusses the divergent trends across Health Care sub-sectors and reasons why we like the Medical Equipment space. Additionally, Adam weighs in on the “passive vs active” investing debate, outlining why Equium Capital sees Exchange Trade Funds not as a threat, but rather an effective tool for innovative portfolio managers.

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Equium Capital Investment Commentary - First Quarter 2017

Adam Murl, Head of Research, provides an overview of a choppy first quarter, our take on some of the key Asian markets and what we’re looking for to give us more confidence in the reflationary trade. Policy uncertainty has picked up and our technical work suggests some caution; however, key credit and economic data remain and strong keep us optimistic on the longer-term outlook for risk assets.

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